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Unique to SecureBuild’s product and service offering is the provision of a highly qualified Building Inspector to support homeowners through the building process.

SecureBuild’s goal is to  take the stress out of building or renovating and give homeowners peace of mind.

When a builder is covered by HCB, each of their homeowner customers is allocated a Building Inspector.

This Building Inspector stays with the homeowner for the duration of the project and carries out  inspections advising homeowners when to pay the progress claim payments to their builder.

SecureBuild’s inspection and payment processes are designed to:

  • ensure any potential defects are picked up early in the building process so they can be remedied quickly and completion of the project is not unnecessarily delayed
  • reduce the risk of homeowners suffering a financial loss as a result of a builder or contractor being unable to complete a building project or fix defects after the project has been completed.

SecureBuild’s Terms and Conditions do not allow builders to approach homeowners directly to ask for progress claim payments or additional money for a project.

If a builder approaches a homeowner about payments, they notify their Building Inspector who will discuss the process with the builder.

Under no circumstances should a progress claim payment be paid to a builder without confirmation to do so from a SecureBuild Building Inspector.

How does the inspection & payment process work?

When a builder purchases HBC ‘evidence of cover’ (certificates), they are required to outline the total cost of the building project they are seeking cover for.

For every project, builders are required to set out the progress claim payments they require at the completion of each stage of a build.

SecureBuild ensures:

  • all inspection and payment processes align with the progress claim payments set out by the builder when the HBC ‘evidence of cover’ (certificates) was purchased on the homeowners behalf
  • progress claim payments required throughout the project are in line with the value of the work completed by the builder at each stage of the build.

How many inspections does HBC cover?

For residential dwelling projects, there are three standard progress claim payment stages included in the price of a HBC policy:

  1. Lock-up (pre-lining)
  2. Waterproofing
  3. Final (completion).

SecureBuild may conduct more targeted inspections if:

  • The project is a multi-dwelling
  • The builder is new to the industry
  • The project is complex or high-end.

There is also the option for homeowners to purchase up to seven (maximum) additional inspections if greater peace of mind and assurance is required.

Visit our Purchase additional inspections page  to buy more inspections.

What is the step-by-step inspection and payment process?

Step 1:

At the end of each stage of a building project, the builder notifies the allocated Building Inspector that a stage has just been completed and a progress claim for payment is ready to be issued.

If the stage is a SecureBuild targeted inspection stage, the Building Inspector will attend the building site within 48 hours and conduct the inspection (see the diagram below).

Step 2:

The Building Inspector conducts the inspection and records the outcome of the inspection online, via their tablet.

If the progress claim payment does not involve a targeted inspection by SecureBuild, the Building Inspector will undertake one of the options below:

  • Carry out a visual inspection from the street (street view)
  • Accept a photograph from your builder
  • Accept a certificate from your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), Engineer or Architect attesting to the completion of the stage.

Step 3:

No incomplete or defective work discovered

If the inspection process does not uncover any incomplete or defective work, the Building Inspector  immediately advises the homeowner to pay the builder’s progress claim payment.

Similarly if the progress claim payment claim does not involve a targeted inspection, and the Building Inspector is satisfied with the street inspection or proof provided by the builder regarding completion of the stage, the homeowner is advised to pay the builder’s progress claim payment.

Incomplete or defective work discovered

If the Building Inspector uncovers incomplete or defective work, a full report outlining the incomplete or defective work is completed and sent to the homeowner while the inspector is on site.

The report will:

  • list all incomplete and/or defective items
  • reference all Australian or manufacturer’s standards, indicating the trade contractor responsible
  • If the sub-contractor/s responsible for the work are on site at the time of the inspection, they’ll be advised of the issues and the Australian or manufacturers standard that applies.

The homeowner is provided with the report and advised not to pay the builder’s progress claim payment until they’ve heard back from the Building Inspector.

Once the incomplete and/or defective work has been fixed by the builder, the Building Inspector will return to carry out a re-inspection.

If the re-inspection confirms that the incomplete and/or defective issues have been satisfactorily fixed, the homeowner is immediately notified to pay the builder’s progress claim payment.

Step 4:

The homeowner completes payment of the builder’s progress claim payment.

What happens if Im not happy with the progress report?

The Building Inspector works closely with the homeowner through the building process and is available to answer questions and address any concerns a homeowner may have during the process, reducing the risk of issues arising at each progress claim payment stage.

However if there is an issue, the Building Inspector works with the builder to facilitate a speedy resolution to minimise delays in the project.