HOMEOWNER FAQ’s 2019-04-03T13:59:54+11:00

What is SecureBuild?

  • SecureBuild is new and revolutionary home building compensation product that supports home owners and builders throughout the building process to reduce risk.

Whats different about SecureBuild?

  • SecureBuild has been developed from what home owners have told us.
  • Homeowners want a HBC product that provides value for money, reduces risk and responds quickly if they need to make a claim.
  • Homeowners also want someone ‘on their side’ to help navigate the often stressful building process.
  • SecureBuild will provide homeowners with independent and expert support throughout the entire building process, ensuring that homeowners get the dream home they’ve worked so hard for.

My certifier does inspections. Why do I need more?

  • Your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA – Private of Council) does some inspections required by the NSW Environment & Panning Assessment Act 1979, however, these are for compliance purposes. SecureBuild’s inspections go a step further to assess the quality of the building work done to ensure that it meets or exceeds Australian Standards.

Is SecureBuild cover available across Australia?

  • Initially SecureBuild will only be available in New South Wales. However, we will be seeking approval from Government’s in other States & Territories to provide our product across Australia.

Will this cost me more money?

  • No, the cost of the service we provide to you is all included in the home building compensation contribution (premium) you are mandatorily required to pay when you spend more than $20,000 building or renovate you home.

How does it all work?

  • After your builder takes out the home building compensation policies on your behalf we’ll send you a policy document and factsheet on the service that we provide. You can also download our mobile app which makes it simpler and easier to get in contact with us as well as record the progress of your building project.
  • You will also be introduced to your SecureBuild Building Inspector who will be your personal independent expert throughout the building process.
  • The Building Inspector will answer any queries or allay any concerns that you may have along the way. They will also advise you when you should make payments to your builder.
  • The Building Inspectors will also carry out independent inspections of your project and ensure that any defects are fixed before you pay your builder.
  • The Building Inspector will provide you with a building report when the project is completed.
  • Just in case we missed something along the way SecureBuild will assist in ensuring the builder attends to any defects within the 6-year statutory warranty period.
  • SecureBuild also protects you if your builder is no longer around to fix any problems within that time.

How do I get cover with SecureBuild?

  • It simple! You just tell your builder that you want HBC cover from SecureBuild and your builder will do the rest.

How does the payment and inspection process work?

  • After purchasing the HBC certificates an electronic copy will be immediately sent to you. Your will also receive information about the SecureBuild inspection and payment process.
  • A few days after the certificates are issued you will receive details of the SecureBuild Building Inspector who has been allocated to case manage your project.
  • At the completion of each stage of the building project your builder will be required to let the SecureBuild Building Inspector know that they have completed a stage and wish to lodge a progress claim with you.
  • The Building Inspector will either review photographs the builder sends, do a street view inspection or carryout a pre-determined site inspection and then advised you to pay the builders progress payment claim.
  • The Building Inspector will advise you immediately if there are any incomplete of defective items that need to be resolved by the builder prior to you paying the progress claim.