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In providing cover to builder’s/contractor’s and determining claims, SecureBuild is required to make decisions that could have a significant impact on the lives of builders, contractors and homeowners.

As a customer-centric organisation, SecureBuild is committed to being open and transparent regarding the decisions it makes and being held accountable as a provider of HBC products and services in NSW.


A ‘complaint’ is an expression of dissatisfaction with in relation to the products or services offered or provided by SecureBuild and its agents (including intermediaries and service providers).

Whereas, a ‘dispute’ is a complaint expressing dissatisfaction regarding a decision made by SecureBuild it has a process to review that decision.

For more information on how to make complaint click here

SecureBuild’s complaint and dispute handling processes, including guarantee of service timeframes are set out within the process flow chart below.

You can lodge a dispute with us:

  • on line (coming soon); or
  • by calling us on 13 33 14; or
  • by downloading and completing a complaint/dispute form, click here.

The lodgement of disputes online, via email or over the phone will be acknowledge immediately and those received by post will be similarly acknowledge.


The decisions that SecureBuild makes include:

  1. Membership Registration (eligibility) application decision (Building contractors);
  2. Membership Registration cancellation or suspension (Building contractors);
  3. Changes to Member status level or turnover level (Building contractors);
  4. Direction to a builder/contractor to complete or rectify work (Building contractors);
  5. Claim declinatures (claimants); and
  6. Quantum settlement (claimants).

Decisions (e) and (f) are decisions which are reviewable externally by either the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or the Supreme Court and the process for managing these disputes are set out within SecureBuild’s Claim Management Policy 2018. Click here to access this policy.

Decisions (a) to (d) above are not decisions reviewable by NCAT or the Supreme Court. However, the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is entitled to conduct a compliance review of SecureBuild’s decision, decision making and review process to ensure compliance with its obligations under the Home Build Act, Regulation, Guidelines and conditions of approval.


SecureBuild has a Decisions Review Committee (DRC). The DRC includes two Senior Executives of SecureBuild and one industry representative.

The DRC is responsible for reviewing decisions made by SecureBuild that effect both its builder/contractor and homeowner customers. These decisions include:

  • Refusal by SecureBuild to register a builder/contractor; and
  • Suspension or cancellation of a builder’s/contractor’s registration with SecureBuild; and
  • Partial or full declinature of claims made under the fidelity fund contracts (policies) issued by SecureBuild.

The DRC will also be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding changes to our claims management policies and procedures.

SecureBuild’s DRC will conduct an internal review of any dispute received within 20 business days of receiving a request for a review of a decision.

For further information in relation to how SecureBuild will manage your dispute click here.