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Home Building Compensation

Not as you know it

SecureBuild is a new and innovative home building compensation (HBC) product that reduces risks faced by builders and home-owners when building or renovating a home, by allocating  a highly-qualified Building Inspector  to each building project.

SecureBuild is not an insurance company.

We’re an ‘alternative indemnity provider’ that will be seeking to be approved by the NSW Government to provide cover to building contractors and issue home building compensation certificates (‘evidence of cover’) to homeowners.

SecureBuild uses a highly regulated fidelity fund to manage all payments received from homeowners.

A proportion of the contributions collected from homeowners is held in trust within  a highly regulated fidelity fund.

Any claims received from homeowners are paid out of the contributions preserved within the fund and the remaining portion of the contribution is used to pay for independent Building Inspectors to support and monitor the building process, reducing the risk to builders and homeowners.

SecureBuild’s independent Building Inspectors monitor each stage of the building process.

Our Building Inspectors undertake inspections and advise home owners when to pay their builder’s progress claim payment.

This  ensures incomplete or defective work is picked up along the way and fixed quickly, significantly reducing post construction maintenance costs to the builder.

The inspection process also reduces the risk to homeowners of delays to the completion of work or a  project not being completed.

All Building Inspector services are included within the contribution paid for by the homeowner.

SecureBuild Australia Pty Ltd was founded by people  who understand the impact home building compensation has had on the building industry and how it’s failing homeowners.

SecureBuild’s product offering addresses all the current risks for both builders and homeowners, while providing a sustainable consumer protection model.

SecureBuild offers a quality, hassle free service for builders and their homeowner clients.

Our product helps increase homeowner confidence and builder profits.

Key features include:

  • Simple, anywhere, anytime online registration
  • Ability to purchase HBC certificates 24/7
  • No forms or additional information required for builders with existing cover
  • No bonds, bank guarantees, securities required
  • No frequent and costly financial reviews
  • Increased turnover levels
  • Contribution (Premium) discounts of up to 40% (no loadings).

SecureBuild offers the personalised service of a Building Inspector to every homeowner for the duration of their building project.

Our Building Inspectors support homeowners through the building process, conducting quality assurance inspections and advice at every step of the project.

Key features:

  • An allocated Building Inspector for every homeowner and their building project
  • Support for the entire duration of the project
  • An industry professional available to to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the building process, taking the stress out of building or renovating your home
  • A warranty period of six years, providing additional peace of mind should any major defect arise.