"The benefit of choosing SecureBuild is that you only pay your builder at each of your building project milestones, once advised by your dedicated SecureBuild Building Inspector."

Home Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SecureBuild?

A new company SecureBuild Australia Pty Ltd will be looking to enter the NSW Home Building Compensation market with its SecureBuild product in early 2018

What is SecureBuild?

SecureBuild is new and revolutionary home building protection product (formerly known as home warranty insurance) that supports home owners and builders throughout the building process to reduce risk.

Why is SecureBuild different?

SecureBuild has been developed from what Home owners and Builders have told us. Home owners want a product that provides value for money and actually reduces risk, and builders want a product that is simple and easy to obtain. SecureBuild reduces the risks faced by Home owners by monitoring the completion of their project, advising the owner when to pay progress payment claims and conducting inspections at various stages throughout the build. Home owners will receive better advice, information and support throughout the building process.

Will SecureBuild cost me more money?

No. The SecureBuild service is included as part of your SecureBuild product premium which includes a minimum number of building project inspections. All you need to do is make sure your Builder is registered with SecureBuild and has purchased cover for your project from SecureBuild.

How does my Builder prove to me they have chosen SecureBuild cover?

It’s mandatory that your Builder takes out cover for projects over $20,000. Upon your Builder purchasing cover from SecureBuild, you will receive an electronic certificate directly from SecureBuild so you can be assured that your building project has SecureBuild cover.

How does SecureBuild reduce my building project risk?

With SecureBuild you will have a SecureBuild Building Inspector assigned to your building project, from start to finish. When the SecureBuild Building Inspector confirms that the building work stage has been completed and in compliance with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards, they will contact you and inform you to pay the builders’ progress claim. Where the SecureBuild Building Inspector finds incomplete or defective work the Builder will be advised to complete the necessary work or rectify defects prior to another inspection. The Home owner will be advised to withhold payment until hearing back from the SecureBuild Building Inspector

How many inspection and progress payment milestones are there?

There may as many as 10 progress payment milestones. The number of inspections SecureBuild will do depends on the i) project type; and ii) the builders’ risk rating. However, the minimum number of inspections for a single dwelling is 3. This will typically be at the following key stages: Lock-up/pre-lining; Waterproofing and Completion. It is the accountability of the Builder to notify the SecureBuild Building Inspector that the milestone is ready for inspection.

Can I have more than the minimum number of SecureBuild Building Inspector inspections?

Yes. These can be done at an additional cost that is payable directly to SecureBuild.

Can I track my SecureBuild milestones and payment milestones online, via my Smartphone or tablet?

Yes. One of the benefits of SecureBuild is you will be able to track the progress of your project and make contact directly with your SecureBuild building inspector. You will also be able to contact SecureBuild’s customer service team for any questions that you have either before, during or after your building project.

Is this going to increase the time for my building project to be completed?

No. SecureBuild will inspect within 48 hours of being notified by your Builder. Providing there are no issues, the SecureBuild Building Inspector will instruct you to make a progress payment and the Builder can continue on with the project. If there is an issue, the benefit of the SecureBuild cover is that the issue can be dealt quickly and efficiently. It is in the Builders interest to resolve the issue so as to receive payment. This proactive approach is a far quicker process then getting all the way to the end of a project and then having to go back and deal with an issue that happened during the build phase, which in most cases costs additional time and money to the parties involved.

What happens if there is an issue either during the project, or afterwards?

During the project, if the SecureBuild Building Inspector finds incomplete or defective work the Builder will be advised to complete the necessary work or rectify defects prior to another inspection. The homeowner will be advised to withhold payment until hearing back from the SecureBuild Building Inspector. If an issue is discovered after the project’s completion, SecureBuild will advise the homeowner to liaise with your Builder regarding any defect issues during the builders’ warranty period. Builders having difficulty resolving warranty issues can seek the assistance of SecureBuild’s Building Inspector to resolve issues with their clients. For defects claims post builder warranty period, another benefit of choosing SecureBuild is that SecureBuild will seek to resolve the issue without recourse to NSW Fair Trading or NSW Civil Administration Tribunal (NCAT).

What happens if I need to make a Claim against my SecureBuild HWI Policy?

Another benefit of the SecureBuild product is that your home is protected for 6 years against major structural defects and 2 years for any minor defects. The SecureBuild product is a “first resort” responsive product, so if you detect any defects within the timeframes listed above then SecureBuild will either seek to have the builder rectify the defects or, if the builder is no longer around, pay for another builder to fix the defects to your home.

When considering a builder for your next building project inform them that your cover is to be provided by SecureBuild!