Pay 40% Less for HWI and Actually REDUCE your RISK

Would you prefer a quick and easy registration process with no paperwork? How about if we said we don't need additional information, bank guarantees or securities? What if we then discounted your premiums and gave you additional quality assurance, would you want to look at our HWI?

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You will be able to quickly apply either online or by phone 24/7. Our process holds your sub-contractors accountable before they are paid and we are there to assist any defect disputes with your clients before NSW Fair Trading gets involved!

Why SecureBuild Home Warranty Insurance

SecureBuild offers a unique and revolutionary consumer protection product that addresses all of the pain points that have plagued home warranty for over 30 years. More importantly it has been designed as a result of what builders and home owners have told us and it actually reduces the risks faced by home owners and helps builders at the same time.